House System


Our pastoral system focuses on meeting the needs of each individual student. Every student is assigned a tutor who meets them on a daily basis and is able to offer support and guidance throughout their time at Medina College. During tutor time, students attend assemblies, complete a variety of development activities and receive individual and group mentoring.

At Medina College, we operate a House system. The College is divided into four houses: Mountbatten, McArthur, Minghella and Tennyson.

Tutor groups are grouped according to House. Horizontal tutoring, combined with the House system, enables us to achieve a ‘family’ feeling whereby everyone is looked after by everyone else and there is a great sense of pride and belonging across the school.

Students’ progress and levels of achievement are both monitored constantly by staff and the leadership team so that students understand what they need to do to improve. The work of teachers and subject departments is also kept under regular review, to ensure students are given the best opportunities for success.

We are proud of our performance with students of all abilities, and our results show continued improvement and progress.

Medina students leave with the confidence and maturity required for the next stage in their lives, with most going on to university or work-based learning.

High rates of attendance are intrinsically linked to high rates of achievement. Students will only achieve their best if they come to school every day. Securing high levels of attendance is a high priority. Holidays in term time are not supported by the College and will only be sanctioned in very exceptional circumstances. Students’ attendance is monitored by the form tutor, Head of House and the leadership team. Parents will be contacted about any unexplained absence or unacceptable levels of attendance.

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