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At Medina College we recognise that good attendance provides students with the best chance of achieving their full potential. Medina College expects all students to achieve at least 95% attendance, therefore it is vital that every student attends school regularly.

Reporting an absence
Should your child be too unwell to attend school you MUST contact the attendance absence line or email us before 9am EACH morning of absence.

Absence Line: 01983 538055

When leaving a message please provide us with the student’s name, tutor group and a reason for absence.

On their return all student MUST provide a written note to their tutor explaining their absences. Absences of 5 consecutive days or more MUST be supported with medical evidence – without this the absence will be unauthorised.

All medical appointments during school hours MUST be supported with a medical appointment card or letter and without this the absence will be unauthorised.

Any absence from school has to be classified by the school (not by the parent) as either authorised or unauthorised. This is why information about the cause of any absence is always required and absences are followed up in writing. If a student needs to sign out during the school day, they must report to their year office to be signed out with Attendance. A parent/carer is then to collect the student form main reception. No student will be allowed to leave school site without a parent/carer collecting them or written permission allowing them to leave school site without an adult.

Unauthorised Absences
If a student is absent and no explanation is provided or the one given is unacceptable to the school, the absence will be unauthorised. Please be aware that unauthorised absences may lead to a Fixed Penalty Notice being issued to parents /carers.

Click here to download further information on our attendance policy

Click here to download further information and application form for exceptional circumstance absence requests

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