Reporting Absences


  • Tel: 01983 538043 for Red/Green House Absences
  • Tel: 01983 538055 for Blue/Yellow House Absences

Miscellaneous Information

To report a student's absence please include Student's Name, Tutor Group, type of illness and expected date of return.

We would like the school to be contacted for every day of absence and for a note, explaining the absence, to be provided to the Attendance Office on the student's return to school.

Download the Exceptional Circumstances absence request form

Download further Absence Information

Procedure below for signing out of school during the day for all students.

·All students must have a written note from their parent/carer – this can be a signed note in their planner

·All students must go to their house office to be escorted to the attendance office to sign out.

·If a parent/carer is collecting them they must be collected from main reception after they have signed out at the attendance office. They will not be allowed to leave the building without a parent/carer or an out of school pass provided by attendance.

NO student will be allowed to leave the school site without either a written note/parental contact and collection from main reception.



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