Life After Levels (Assessment at Medina College from September 2016)

With the demise of National Curriculum levels we have taken the decision to assess all students from Year 7 onwards using GCSE 1-9 grades. These are reported to parents at least three times an academic year along with an Attitude to Learning level. All subjects have worked hard to demystify the grading process by constructing 'Can-Do Attainment Ladders' which set out what a student needs to do in order to be assessed as working at a certain grade.

When reporting grades, all subjects will divide each grade in to +, = or - where:

+ completing all criteria consistently
= completing most criteria most of the time
- completing some criteria most of the time

'Can-Do Attainment Ladders' for most subjects are available to download below:

These documents are a 'work in progress' - Curriculum Leaders are likely to be refining the descriptors as the year progresses.