Assessment at Medina College from September 2017

The Department for Education (DfE) has removed the assessment system of National Curriculum levels and is not replacing it. By removing levels, teachers have greater flexibility in the way they plan and assess students’ learning. Schools are expected to have in place approaches to formative and summative assessment that support student attainment and progression.

At Medina College we have developed a system in conjunction with HIAS (Hampshire Inspection and Advisory Service) which is based on a mastery of skills and knowledge. Each department has constructed a Progress Mat for each year group looking at what skills and knowledge are required to make good/outstanding progress. The mastery of skills is set according to KS2 attainment but there is flexibility to adjust targets as pupils develop throughout their time at Medina. Examples of our Progress Mats can be found in the subject sections under the Curriculum tab. These Progress Paths are a guide to how we track and target students over time. Our targeting for students is set at a high level and will enable them to succeed regardless of their academic starting point.

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