Our Curriculum

At Medina College we provide a broad and balanced curriculum because we understand that students need to be engaged in their learning and able to follow courses in which they are interested if they are to achieve their potential.

Key Stage 3:

Throughout Key Stage 3, all students receive English, mathematics and science tuition. Additionally, students are taught between one and two hours of modern foreign languages, history, geography, religious education, technology and computer science. All students have regular timetabled PE lessons and three hours of creative arts (drama, dance, music and art) weekly. Where necessary, students may have a tailored curriculum which increases the amount of literacy support they receive in order to prepare them for Key Stage 4. Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) is delivered through tutor time, assemblies, plays and other organised activities. Students are organised in two ‘bands’ of equal ability and ‘setted’ for English, mathematics and science. Students on our Medina Maestro programme have additional lessons in music.

Key Stage 4:

We currently deliver our Key Stage 4 curriculum to Years 9, 10 and 11 with students continuing their studies in English, mathematics, science and PE but also having an opportunity to choose at least 4 ‘option’ subjects. These ‘options’ are chosen in January of Year 8 and include subjects they have already experienced, as well as new areas of study such as business and computer science. The College also runs two specialist courses in hair and beauty and carpentry for students who wish to pursue a vocational route. We also offer additional Federative courses at Carisbrooke College such as Power Base and Health and Social Care. All students have the opportunity to complete the English Baccalaureate in Key Stage 4, which involves studying English, mathematics, science, a modern language and either history or geography.

Key Stage 5:

Our VI Form offers a full range of Level 3 academic courses; for more information see our separate VI Form prospectus.

For more information on how you as a parent, or a member of the public, can find out more about the curriculum we are following, please contact Nick Krista via either our contact form or details on our Contact Page.