Specialist Arts College

As a Specialist Arts College, students benefit from a wide range of exciting initiatives. Medina College has a real buzz of creativity with every corridor filled with exceptional student art work and a curriculum packed with outstanding opportunities for students to engage with professional musicians, actors and dancers.

The arts subjects at GCSE are immensely popular and large numbers of students benefit from the professional recording studio and Apple Mac suites for computer aided design and animation. Our performing and visual arts departments are exceptional, staging professional standard productions and exhibitions. The music department is involved in a huge number of performances which extend across the island, supporting arts festivals, touring local venues and performing on the radio.

Medina College enjoys an annual arts week (Arts Blast) in which all students participate in an alternative curriculum for three days. This has allowed students to become involved in local and national creative projects and has produced stunning pieces of site specific art. In addition students publish the arts magazine Fusion. This project is self-financing and run entirely by Medina College students who take on every aspect of the production from writing and editing to photography and graphic design.

Collaboration with artists, businesses and creative organisations has made Medina College a vibrant and exciting learning community which contributes to the excellent levels of achievement across the college.

Isle of Wight Festival

Having an international arts festival on the college campus each year provides unique opportunities for students. In 2011 more than 250 students were involved in the event, either performing, stage building or working directly with the artists. The experiences they had are likely to stay with the for the rest of their lives.

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