Food Technology

Food Technology

Contact: Mrs J Blanthorn, Teacher of Food Technology


The Food Technology course is ideal for those who enjoy working with food. You will be able to use your imagination to design and make a variety of products. Through these projects you will increase your knowledge of materials and processes. Ingredients are required weekly.

What will it be like:

You will complete a minimum of four design and make projects during the course, which will help you to develop your skills when using different foods, electrical equipment and gain experience of generating recipes for new products. You will also experiment with ingredients and test existing products which you can apply to your work. Practical lessons are weekly in addition to investigations. Project work is recorded using sketches, notes and ICT.

Areas of study will include:

Nutrition and special dietary needs. Basic and more advanced practical skills and techniques. The impact and effect of using different equipment to manufacture food items. Properties and functions of foods. Safe use of electrical equipment e.g. Kenwood Chef, food processors, hand blenders, woks etc. Design, development and manufacture of original products. Industrial manufacturing of food products.


By the end of year 10, individual students will either follow the AQA GCSE course of 60%: coursework ‘Design and Make’ project (practical piece plus design folio that records the development of the product) and Final examination 40%: one exam paper, or they will follow a series of level 1 and 2 NCFE courses to build up credit points.

Beyond Year 11:

This is an ideal course for those wishing to follow a career in the food