Contact: Mr S A Jones, Subject Leader – Geography


This course covers a variety of topics, the majority of which you will never have studied before. You will investigate a wide range of issues from managing population change to Global warming; develop a broad range of case studies – all of which will be based on “real people in real places”.

What will it be like:

You will learn to analyse a wide range of information. All the sections of the course will be taught using a wide range of topical case studies. You will learn to empathise and explain how human activities can affect the environment and also how natural events can influence society. Homework will be set and marked on a weekly basis – you will always receive constructive advice on how to improve your work.

Areas of study for GCSE, for those starting the course from 2015 onwards, will include:

Global geographical issues
UK geographical issues
People and the environment


This will be 3 examined papers

Beyond Year 11:

At A Level you will study major geographical issues in increased depth as part of the Edexcel A level. Currently in Year 12 you will study a range of Global Challenges (hazards, globalization, coasts and urban regeneration) and also complete a range of geographical investigations.

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