Modern Foreign Languages

(French, German, Italian, Spanish)

Contact: Mrs S McCollum, Subject Leader – MFL


You will cover a range of topics relating to life in the countries where French, German, Italian, Spanish or Chinese is spoken. You will gain an insight into the culture of these countries as well as learning the language spoken there. You may study one or two languages.

What will it be like:

You will need to have studied the language at KS3 to be eligible for a place on the course. You will complete tasks in four skill areas: listening, speaking, reading and writing. You will learn to communicate in speech and writing; you will learn to understand the spoken and written word. You can expect a lot of support from your teachers and from the foreign language assistants.

Areas of study will include:

  • Lifestyle (health, family, future plans)
  • Leisure (hobbies, holidays)
  • Home and environment (house, region, environment)
  • Work and education (school, jobs)


Teacher assessed Writing and Speaking Tasks
Final examinations:
Examinations in Listening and Reading

Beyond Year 11:

At A Level you will study current affairs issues in the target-language countries as well as historical and literary topics.