Physical Education

Core PE

Contact: Mr I Rock, Head of Department - PE

At Medina, students complete a wide range of different sporting activities. The aim is for them to find activities that they enjoy and may then choose to take on into their lives after Medina College.

In Years 7 – 9, students will experience: Athletics, Basketball, Cricket, Cross Country, Football, Gymnastics, Health Related Fitness, Hockey, Netball, Parkour, Rounders, Rugby, Softball, Tennis and Trampolining.

Moving into Years 10 – 11, students are given a choice of the activities that they do each half term. This will continue to include activities from the lower years but will also include alternative activities such as: Lacrosse, Ultimate Frisbee, Capture the Flag, Fitness Training, Handball and Neatball (Isle of Wight game).

This choice keeps students more engaged in PE lessons and keeps participation levels high.

In addition to PE lessons, Medina offers a massive range of after school clubs and teams for students to be involved with. Students with leadership potential can also be selected for our Leadership Academy, where our students work with primary children at a large number of different sports events.

Sports BTEC

Contact: Mr I Rock, Leader of Sports Studies – PE


Do you enjoy sport? Would you like a career in sport? If the answer is yes to either of these questions then the BTEC First Certificate is the ideal Course for you. The qualification will give you the knowledge, understanding and competency needed when considering entering employment in the sport sector.

What will it be like:

  • The course will be enjoyable but hard work.
  • It is not simply about coming down to play sport.
  • A good amount of the course is taught practically but there is also a lot of classroom work and there is ongoing coursework throughout both years.

Areas of study will include:

  • Fitness for Sport and Exercise
  • Training for Personal Fitness
  • Leading Sports Activities
  • Practical Sport
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Sports Performer in Action
  • Running a Sports Event
  • Injury and the Sports Performer


  • 75% coursework 25% on-line tests
  • The achievement of the BTEC First Certificate has the equivalence of 2 GCSEs graded A*-C.

Beyond Year 11:

The BTEC sport Certificate opens up a number of opportunities. The main one being able to continue your study in sport by moving on to the BTEC Diploma in sport or AS level PE.

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