Religious Studies

Contact: Mrs J Buckley, Subject Leader - Religious Studies


The Religious Studies full course takes into account that the main religion in Britain is Christianity, whilst taking into account the other principal religions represented. The course will involve a thematic study of some central questions and issues in human life and experience.

What will it be like:

You will identify, investigate and respond to fundamental questions of life raised by religious and human experience, including questions about the meaning and purpose of life. You will consider religious and other responses to moral issues. You will develop skills relevant to the study of religion. You will acquire the knowledge and develop understanding of the beliefs, values and traditions of one or more religions.

Areas of study will include:

  • Relationships: love, marriage and divorce
  • Is it fair? Justice and equality
  • Looking for meaning: God, life and death
  • Authority: Religion and State


Year 10: End of year internal exam and internal end of module tests.
Year 11: Rehearsal exam
Two external papers during summer of Year 11

Beyond Year 11:

The opportunity to study two religious traditions in detail and look at the affects to human experiences.
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