Values and Ethos

Values and Ethos

Our Values and Ethos - Aspire to Achieve

At Medina, we are passionate about making a difference to young people’s lives and equipping them for futures in which they can achieve their aspirations. Our ethos is to relentlessly pursue outstanding teaching, learning and pastoral care, whilst maintaining the focus on the needs of the individual student. Our aim and expectation is that every student who is part of our community will achieve their best in all aspects of school life.

We have 6 core aims:

  1. To ensure that all aspects of our learning community’s work are focused on securing outstanding progress and achievement for all of our young people.
  2. To insist that all of the staff in our leaning community deliver consistently excellent teaching and learning.
  3. To inspire all of the young people in our learning community with an innovative curriculum which prepares them for life in modern Britain and beyond.
  4. To insist that our safe, secure learning community is used to promote diversity and equality, so that all of our young people gain the confidence and resilience to succeed in a changing world.
  5. To actively promote healthy lifestyles and the well-being of all those young people, staff and parents in our learning community. 
  6. To broaden horizons and raise aspirations in all of our young people through meaningful partnerships with other learning and business communities at a local, national and international level.

We will endeavour to achieve our 6 Core Aims through this set of Core Values to which all of us in our learning community are deeply committed.

A Ambition We will insist that all of our staff demand the best of all of our students all of the time. Each and every student will be ambitious for themselves and their future. Our families will always support our efforts to secure appropriate and worthwhile employment and training for their children.
S Success We will provide a curriculum and continuous professional development framework through which all of our students and staff can achieve excellence. Celebration of academic and other achievements will be regular, systematic and genuine. We expect our parents to join in with and support our culture of high expectation and reward.
P Progress We will demand that all of our students, regardless of age, ability, gender or background make good and outstanding progress in all of their subjects. We expect that all of our students will demand this of themselves and that our families will show a genuine interest in their child’s learning journey.
I Innovation We will let creativity flourish so that independent thinking becomes the norm for all within our leaning community. We will seek new ways to do things, embracing developments in technology and learning so that our young people are ready to take their place in the rapidly evolving world of work.
R Resepct We will insist, at all times, upon good manners, politeness, appropriate language and behaviour from all within our learning community. We will be tolerant of the views of others and we will consistently challenge all forms of prejudice, discrimination and harassment.
E Engagement We will insist that all those within our learning community engage fully with all of the policies and procedures within the organisation. We expect our teachers to deliver well-planned and interesting lessons so that our students and their families commit to the experiences on offer. We expect excellent attendance from all stakeholders and we look forward to engaging in frequent dialogue with our families at numerous school events and meetings.
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