The DofE Award at Medina has be very successful this year with many students completing, or near to completing their Bronze Award by September.  The Award is open to year 9 onwards and the current year 8’s have been given information about the award and we have received a good interest so far.  We are hoping to start training and activities as soon as possible in the new school year.  We are now accepting enrolment for next year. If you are interested in enrolment on the Medina College DofE Award next year at either Bronze or Silver you can download a form below or collect one from the school reception area and bring it back with payment to the school shop. for further information on DofE please Click Here

Interested in DofE Award? If you are wanting to enrol on the Bronze Award (year 9) or wanting to start the Silver Award (completed Bronze), come to C1 classroom at 3.30 on Friday 14th September for our first session of the year. Please bring your enrolment form. You can get one from the school shop or download from the link below. We will be getting you started with ideas for the 3 sections/activities and talking about the ‘Introductory camp’ at the end Friday 28th September.
The introductory camp will introduce you to camping, camp cooking and we will do some expedition training on the Saturday. It’s aimed to be fun with time to explore and have a camp fire. Letters, information and EV3 forms with be handed out on Friday.
Training this year will run on selected dates on a half termly basis. Leaders will be offering drop in ‘clinics’ at a lunch time during the week so participants can ask any questions, chat about activities and sections and to get advice. We hope this will allow students doing the award to free up there time to do all the great extra-curricular activities they love to do, but also to have focused training sessions that everyone can attend. With both Bronze and Silver Award groups running this year it will be busy but at the same time a very exciting year. For more information the please contact Mr Haynes or Mr Donald.

Up and coming events and sessions
Friday 14th September – Expedition presentations from Year 10 and 11 C1 classroom
Friday 14th September – Year 9 ‘new participants meeting’ – 3:30-4:45 C1 – (Enrolment, sections, camp info)
Friday 21st September – Training – Sections and camp preparation 3:30-4:15 C1 Classroom (Bronze and Silver)
Friday 28th September – Saturday 28th September - Introductory camp to Corf Camp (Bronze and Silver)
Saturday 29th Sept am – Training at Corf Camp – Map work, first aid, teamwork etc. (Bronze and Silver)
Friday 12th October – Training TBC

Download this file (DofE enrolment form 2018.doc)DofE enrolment form 2018.doc411 kB
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